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Peer Advisory Groups

The WEW CREW is a peer advisory group for exceptional women business owners who are already experiencing a measure of success but who are interested in more. These Owners and CEOs have the aptitude to scale their businesses, but are uncertain about the best way to move forward, and that’s where the power of the WEW CREW performs.

One To One Strategy

Betty offers one on one consultations for W.E.W. Members on developing a Strategic Business Plan, working with them to identify two to three intentions/objectives that are in alignment with their company mission and vision. She helps the client outline the process so it can be easily executed by them or their management team. By identifying the strategies they will use, the CEO can identify what work needs to be done, and who needs to execute. When they decide to implement the plan, they are in a better position to identify if additional resources are required and if there is a need for more capital.


As Women, the WEW organization understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women from multinational, multiethnic, multicultural diverse communities. Our program is designed to empower and elevate women by creating connections, facilitating introductions, and fostering networking opportunities. Through these initiatives, we help you step outside your comfort zones, build countrywide and global relationships.

We intentionally connect and align ourselves with organizations that offer inclusive and supportive platforms for ALL women, embrace diversity, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. This is how WEW understands the challenges all women face.

Our virtual peer advisory groups guide us in selecting relevant events, creating a community that uplifts and empowers all women in the business world.

Women Elevating Women

Membership Levels

WEW Membership equips members with the 5 Pillars of Success to Clarify, Refine, Engage, and Win in their businesses or executive roles.


Full Membership
  • (12) For the 6-figure women wanting full access to WEW benefits and connections.

  • This membership level provides 12 monthly meetings, Peer Accountability, Mentorship, One-on-One Strategy, Access to Member Directory, WEW Cast Feature, WEW Town Halls, Strategic Matchmaking Sessions.
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    • (12) Opportunity to elevate your business to the next dimension, while lifting others as you climb.

  • This membership level provides access to tip tier business leaders, 2 Virtual Check-Ins, Access to Member Directory, Sirius XM Feature, WEW Town Halls, Strategic Matchmaking Sessions, Pinnacle Retreat.
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    • This program is for the new Entrepreneur or Executive transitioning to business. Learn the WEW Process to elevate your business in this nine month program.

  • This membership level provides 9 monthly meetings, Peer Accountability, Mentorship, WEW Town Halls, One-on-One Strategy.
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Member At Large
  • For the entrepreneur seeking access to the WEW ecosystem without the monthly meetings.

  • This membership level provides 6 WEW Pillar meetings, WEW Town Halls, Strategic Matchmaking Sessions.
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Meet Our

Advisors to the Founder, Betty HInes

Just as iron sharpens iron, these women influencers support and advise the CEO for a strong membership organization. Leaders Lead Leaders!

WEW Advisor Jenny Zhu

Jenny Zhu

Founder & CEO of Triangle Home Fashions
WEW Advisor Asma Ishaq

Asma Ishaq

CEO of Modere
WEW Advisor Denise Smith

Denise Smith

CEO of DNS Consulting
WEW Advisor Phyllis Newhouse

Phyllis Newhouse

CEO/Co-Founder of ShoulderUp Technology Aquisition Corp SUAC.U (NYSE)

Kimberly Burton

President of TKT & Associates

Camille Burns

CEO of Women Presidents Organization
Dao Jensen

Dao Jensen

Founder and CEO of Oak Rocket
Firms are owned by Women
People are Employed By Women
of businesses are owned and operated by women
in sales are generated by women

We Are W.E.W.

There are a few women organizations addressing how to scale women businesses, but Women Elevating Women stands firmly on solid ground and experience in tapping into that 8% who are hovering around six figures and want to scale to the next level, but need that additional support.

The Organization

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