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About WEW

About Us

Why W.E.W? The Experience

Become part of the inspiring world of Women Elevating Women ( WEW)!

At WEW, we champion the potential of women entrepreneurs and their businesses. The statistics of women owned business generating over $1million in annual revenues can be daunting. Less than 4%, while the other 88% generate less than $100,000. That leaves about 8% that are hovering around $100,000 and that where you will find the WOW Factor.

We firmly believe that women-owned businesses have immense potential, and WEW is here to provide the runway for those eager to scale to a million.

Our mission is to equip these women with the necessary tools, resources, and support they need to soar to new heights. We've partnered with Women Presidents Organization ( WPO ) and adopted the "airport model" to foster growth and collaboration. As one WEW CREW member reaches $1 million, we bring in another, creating a dynamic and thriving community of women entrepreneurs.

By being a part of WEW, you gain access to valuable information, insights, and opportunities that will propel your business to $1million and beyond, plus an invite to the annual WPO Entrepreneurial Excellence Forum. We take pride in creating the WOW FACTOR, where Women OF WEW truly WIN!!

Join us on this journey of elevating to success. Together, we celebrate each other's achievements and inspire greatness. Together we will redefine the future of women entrepreneurship, one success story at a time!

WEW, a global, diverse & inclusive community...

that unites women business owners and entrepreneurs from all corners of the world. Since its foundation in March 2018, the organization has stood as a beacon for women in business. Drawing from the proven success of Women Entrepreneurs and Executives, WEW introduces five success pillars: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate, Courage, and Cultivate. These principles serve as the bedrock of our strategic partnerships aimed to scale businesses and boost professional development.

Pillar 1

This pillar emphasizes individuals who embody the essence of collaboration. They showcase the strength of teamwork in achieving common objectives of scaling and accelerating their businesses. They actively foster an atmosphere of mutual support, highlighting the power of working together. They recognize that there is enough out there for all of us.

Pillar 2

This pillar highlights women businesses with exceptional talents, using their skills to empower others and cultivate thriving businesses and personal brands. Through impactful and authentic communication, they become influential figures, making a positive impact both on themselves and their companies.

Pillar 3

 This pillar features women with extraordinary skills in forming meaningful relationships with others. They excel in making strategic introductions, utilizing their networks to become influential figures and build successful empires. Through their adeptness at fostering connections, they bring about positive and impactful change.

Pillar 4

This pillar showcases women with remarkable abilities in nurturing and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, individuals or organizations. They are devoted to empowering and elevating others, providing invaluable guidance that leaves a lasting impact on those they support.


 This pillar highlights women who demonstrate unwavering bravery in caring for their own and others mental and physical well-being. They also care for one's personal and business prosperity. They exemplify the strength to tackle challenges head-on, ensuring their holistic growth and success.

The Crew

WEW provides a customized experience emphasizing Clarity, Refinement, Engagement, and Winning. The organization utilizes various tools including peer advisory groups, strategic business partnerships, one-on-one strategizing, and robust networking opportunities. We primarily support businesses with high growth potential, those generating six to seven figures in gross revenues.
The Energy Behind

The WEW Experience

Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work. ~ Andres Tapia ~

Betty Hines

CEO & Founder

Carolyn Howell

CEO Events USA

Leandra Joseph

COO of WBEC WBEC Metro NY & Greater DMV

Arron Pighee

Graphic Designer

Emani Guy

Marketing Manager, WEW

To The Founder, Betty Hines

Jenny Zhu

Founder & CEO of Triangle Home Fashions

Asma Ishaq

CEO & Board of Directors

Denise Smith

CTO of Newhouse Project Consulting

Phyllis Newhouse

CEO/Co-Founder of ShoulderUp Technology Aquisition Corp SUAC.U (NYSE)

Kimberly Burton

President of TKT & Associates

Camille Burns

CEO of Women Presidents Organization

Dao Jensen

Client Focused CEO

The Members Are Talking

This is one of the best networking/professional development program that I’ve been a part of. Entrepreneurship has its challenges, and it is important to have a community of like-minded people to support and to be supportive.

Courtney Williamson

Courtney Williamson


If you are looking for an organization that lives and breathes diversity, equity, and includsion, look no further than W.E.W. its name says it all — Women Elevating Women. Founder Betty Hines sets the tone for a generous, collaborative, and highly effective organization with events and community that ignites big ideas and big growth for its members professionally and personally.

Kathy Palokoff

Kathy Palokoff

C-Suite Exec

WEW is an amazing organization! I attended my first event in October and it was filled with positive energy and great opportunities to network. I loved meeting powerful women from around the world who are leading diverse companies and impacting their communities.

Cherina Rowand

Cherina Rowand

We Are WEW

There are a few women organizations addressing how to scale women businesses, but Women Elevating Women stands firmly on solid ground and experience in tapping into that 8% who are hovering around six figures and want to scale to the next level, but need that additional support.

The Organization

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