Betty Hines

Is a highly accomplished Strategist, Connector, and Certified Advanced Facilitator, who specializes in working with women businesses running multimillion dollar companies. Drawing on her extensive experience as a former C-Suite Executive, Entrepreneur, and Consultant, Betty is uniquely qualified to address the pressing issues for women businesses, which is why she founded Women Elevating Women aka WEW.

WEW is a global multinational, cultural, and ethnic organization of women entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals, with revenues ranging from six figures and above. Their goal is to be profitable and share their expertise with others in cohorts called WEWCREWS.

At W.EW, we facilitate the growth of revenues and income by sharing of information, resources and opportunities to all women entrepreneurs and those executives who want to transition, to scale past six figures. WEW supports you with virtual peer advisory meetings, town hall meetings, strategic matchmaking , mentors, accountability partners, and we make business introductions. We promote our members based on our 5 Pillars of Success: Collaborate, Connect, Communicate, Cultivate and Courage.

One thing for certain, the founder is a person who shares her resources and knowledge. She won’t be that Auntie who takes that favorite recipe to her grave. She believes sharing your knowledge , your recipes for success, is leaving a legacy. WEW will elevate your business and be both impactful and significant to your business success.

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